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Thank you for your interest in joining Overseas Strategic Consulting, Ltd. We are looking for qualified applicants for the following positions:

OSC is seeking Health Communications Specialists for short- and long-term assignments on projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Health Communications Specialists must have:

  • 7+ years of experience designing and implementing comprehensive, research-driven communications campaigns for promoting health
  • 5+ years of experience in building government outreach capacity at the community, provincial, and national level
  • Strong record in designing and leading behavior change communications (BCC) activities
  • Professional experience in creating public outreach and youth health education campaigns related to malaria, HIV/AIDS, STDs, or reproductive health.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Local language ability preferred
  • Master’s or advanced degree in communications or related field and 12 years of relevant work experience.

Submit your CV via email (  Please reference “Health Communications Specialist” in the subject line.

OSC is seeking Knowledge Management Specialists for short- and long-term assignments on projects.

An advanced degree in policy, management, social or physical sciences, international development, or another field related to climate change and development, with no less than five years of experience in knowledge management is preferred for this position. However, if the individual does not have an advance degree, she/he must have a bachelor’s degree policy, management, social or physical sciences, international development, or another field related to climate change and development, with no less than eight years of experience in knowledge management. In addition, the individual must demonstrate previous experience with online and face-to-face approaches to knowledge management and learning. Experience with technology projects in the developing world is strongly preferred. Other preferred skills include excellent communication skills (oral and written), analytic skills, database management, programing, and strong interpersonal skills. The individual must have geographic information systems expertise, including data analysis, management, visualization, and distribution. Understanding of applied Earth science information and products is necessary. Knowledge of data and metadata standards is an asset.

Knowledge Management Specialist roles and responsibilities:

  • Leads review of existing KM tools, assesses options for improvement, and proposes solutions to USAID and partners.
  • Engages IT firms and subcontractors to streamline management of knowledge at a structural level.
  • Updates project hubs’ planning templates annually and performs timely reviews of subs’ service plans.
  • Maintains online tools, including a Guidebook, global and hub-level user engagement database, global calendar, Geoportal, and global product catalogue.
  • Plans and supports face-to-face hub exchanges and an annual event for network partners in order to build capacity within hubs’ KM systems.
  • Provides KM inputs to the Communications Lead to ensure that the project is able to more appropriately capture and tell the development story.
  • Collaborates with the M&E Specialist to ensure that feedback of new product/information demands are relayed back to the Applied Science Team (AST) to facilitate uptake of new tools and technologies and that all relevant science activities are captured in monitoring and evaluation efforts.
  • Supports the CSRD Coordinator and CSRD Partnership Coordination from a KM perspective by addressing and capturing the needs and gaps of climate services implementation.
  • Assists the Grants Manager and Grants Under Contract (GUC) Program to ensure grantee outputs are properly shared and catalogued.

Submit your CV via email ( Please reference “Knowledge Management Specialist” in the subject line.


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