Stability In Key Areas – East, South, and West


USAID 2012 – 2015

OSC is helped to increase the effectiveness, transparency, accountability, and gender sensitivity of district governance throughout eastern, southern, and western Afghanistan. OSC’s strategies helped the GIRoA create a more visible, positive presence by strengthening communication between public and private stakeholders, and improving service delivery, public outreach, and responsiveness to citizens. OSC created locally-produced and tailored communications products such as posters, fact sheets, radio shows, and short-format video media focusing on stabilization and governance topics. OSC also provided technical assistance to bolster the capacity of district level government actors, including governors and senior staff, to improve intra-government communication for facilitating responsiveness to citizen concerns. OSC deployed a team of 35 mobile data collectors with handheld units as part of its M&E effort to increase real-time flow of field data and reporting to USAID.