Tajikistan Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project


USAID 2013 – 2016

OSC implemented a comprehensive public awareness program to inform Tajikistan citizens of land issues, rights, regulations, and policies. OSC assessed the current level of public awareness of land reform issues and how Tajikistan citizens learn about such policies and regulations. This data informed the OSC’s development of the project’s communications strategy which targeted key stakeholders, including national and local government officials, farmers, local organizations, women, and youth to help them take advantage of land policy frameworks. To support rural citizens, increase economic growth, and reduce unemployment, OSC targeted areas with the highest rates of malnutrition and the largest population living below the poverty line. OSC led training sessions for Legal Aid Centers in media outreach and in developing communication strategies, and built the capacity of local journalists to report on land reform issues. OSC also reviewed the LRFRP’s Performance Management Evaluation Plan to propose necessary amendments or new indicators, and led a KAP survey to assess the increased awareness of land reform efforts.