Partnership for Integrated Social Marketing Program


USAID 2009 – 2014

OSC enhanced the sustainability of social marketing in Zambia by performing IPC capacity assessments of local NGOs and CBOs, and developed training modules and learning tools based on quantitative/qualitative data and target-audience analysis. OSC trained CBOs, NGOs, and community health workers in IPC and BCC methodologies and conducts outreach in places frequented by target groups such as schools, universities, workplaces, markets, and social establishments. OSC’s IPC campaigns covered MNCH, FP/RH, HIV/AIDS, STIs, and WASH. Through social marketing, IPC, and other participatory approaches, OSC increased awareness and demand for health services and health products, such as counseling and testing, MC, or the promotion of condoms, contraceptives, Clorin, Misoprostol and Zinc. OSC developed key messages and tools for local outreach workers, including guides for small group discussion, instructions for role-play to build self-efficacy, and other participatory IPC approaches.